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“I believe that there will be another crisis…it will be more significant (than COVID)… it will be faster” – Investment Watch


The World Economic Forum warns of a new crisis of “even more significant economic and social implications than COVID19.” What threat could possibly be more impactful? Christian breaks down the WEF’s “Cyber Polygon” tabletop exercise, its participants, and predictive programming around a looming large scale cyberattack on critical infrastructure that would unleash a Dark Winter and help to usher in the Great Reset. FULL REPORT:… Jeremy Jurgens, WEF Managing Director: “I believe that there will be another crisis. It will be more significant. It will be faster than what we’ve seen with COVID. The impact will be greater, and as a result the economic and social implications will be even more significant.”



I recommend you watch James Corbetts excellent new report on False Flag Bio-terrorism to see why a fabricated false flag “outbreak” is a very real threat, and how the WEF is an organisation well positioned to orchestrate such an “outbreak”, with a little help from their Globalist Kabal buddies:



h/t  Destroyer_of_Walls

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