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Minnesota now fines $1000 or gives 90 days in jail for those who socialize with someone who doesn’t live in their home (whether indoors or outdoors). Threatening to socialize also carries up to $25,000 fine

by catmoonsailing (submission is screenshots of page 5 and 22)


Social gatherings are prohibited. Social gatherings are groups of individuals, who are not members of the same household, congregated together for a common or coordinated social, community, or leisure purpose — even if social distancing can be maintained.

Depending on how you read the EO (unclear wording), some outdoor recreation kept at more than 6 feet with people from other households might be allowed, but even if so it’s still creepy that you’d be fined/jailed for 90 days if you were found within 6 feet of someone from a different household.

However it also says:

Outdoor recreational activities allowed by this Executive Order do not include performances, competitions, team events, tournaments, races, rallies, organized sports, organized group classes, spectator events, fairs, or any other events that involve the gathering of individuals from more than one household.

so there’s a ton of near-doublespeak in this thing



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